What is meant by Competency?

Competence is about acheiving expected outcome: 


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Sarah Phillips our MD has debated and considered competency in practice and in the board room for decades.  The work she has done reflects the things learnt and are shared in the documents provided and presenations and teaching on VeinTrain courses.


At VeinTrain we believe the NMC offers excellent guidance by describing how to identify competent practice. It is more than a certificate; it is a whole process that the course along with a completed Structured Learning Programme provides:


"A bringing together of general attributes - knowledge, skills and attitudes. Skill without knowledge, understanding and the appropriate attitude does not equate with competent practice." NMC, 2008 guidance for delegation P3


Competence can sometimes be seen across a room.  However, in these skills it can be measured more precisely thanks to the objective structured clinical examiniation (OSCE).  This takes away the subjectivity involved with assessment within a complex situation.  We do find that experienced clinicans are harder on themselves during the supervised self assessment.  At other times senior clinicians can be harsh with junior staff who are struggling with one aspect of the skill.  The OSCE helps keep things focussed on the skill performance, while the theory and professional questions demonstrate wider and deeper understanding.








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Managing Director, RN, Paramedic Training Co., Summer 2016

I just wanted to thank you and especially Paulette for an excellent course yesterday in Nottingham. I must say Paulette was a very skilled, experienced and professional trainer with a soft but firm manner. She expertly guided the conversation to learning points that related to the different work streams of the group, using her experience in the clinical field to support the students in their individual learning goals. A big thank you for a professional day.


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