How Long does it Take to get competent?

Compentency Takes time and requires clinical practice but not before you have learned the theory, where you are at skills wise and what you need to learn.  We have lots of things to help!! It is not difficult and by the time you reach your patient you will be so skilled up you will be keen to get signed off as independantly competent.  Our booklet means you can have your supervisor support you and our brand is recognised so they will be confident in your knowlege and skills teaching.  


Here we have a video of Paulette of 38 years experience on the arm.  We work with your strengths and minimise any weakness and make sure that when you reach your patients you have lots of skills to help you. 


The theory section of the booklet can be completed soon after the study in about an hour. This is followed by a series of supervisions with patients until ready for a final osce (Objective Structured Clinical Examination.) Typically these range between 10 and 30 supervisions but can easily be 50 if required. Some learners coming back to the skill after a few years away, moving trusts or transferring from a similar skill base from can be assessed after as little as one or two supervised practices. It is really up to each individual and determined mostly by the learner.

Whether it takes you 10 practices or a 100 is irrelevant what is important is that you achieve competency at a pace that suits you. In reality it tends to be more related to how you feel. In Sarah's extensive experience of helping hundreds of learners achieve competency using this tool 3 weeks and between 10 and 30. It really depends on how frequently you can access the veins in a time frame that is neither too short nor too spread out. 


Take away your own VeinTrain Vein and practice all we have taught you again and again and again.  Excellent for reminding yourself before the Medical School OSCE's or using new equipment or reflecting on your skills where you might be going wrong.  Our App will soon allow you to upload your own footage for use to analyse for you and give you Objective Feedback!!! It is all about Practice and the correct direction and guidance.







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Managing Director, RN, Paramedic Training Co., Summer 2016

I just wanted to thank you and especially Paulette for an excellent course yesterday in Nottingham. I must say Paulette was a very skilled, experienced and professional trainer with a soft but firm manner. She expertly guided the conversation to learning points that related to the different work streams of the group, using her experience in the clinical field to support the students in their individual learning goals. A big thank you for a professional day.


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