How do I Demonstrate Competency?



You will practice throughout the study day on the simulation equipment as well as palpation on each other so at the end of the day you will be well prepared to return to your clinical area to practice under supervision with patients. You will take your Structured Learning Programme away with you and use it as a passport to practice. It will take you from novice to expert using a simple and clear process. Theoretical knowledge is documented and all supervised practices are recorded by any competent practitioner in your clinical area. Once you are ready, a practitioner competent in these skills will do a final assessment with you. Ultimately you will have a clear record of your learning that you can use to demonstrate competence and use the same document when refreshing your skills or moving organisations.  On Some courses we are offering extra services according to needs including  - Objective Structured Analysis via video feedback - you see for yourself your needle movenent and we can even offer you a simuliation OSCE or you can take home your video.   Take your video, booklet and VeinTrain Vein and show your new hospital all you know on their equipment and find out what they do with unqiue equipment and patients using the VeinTrain Vein!


You will also use our VeinTrain Vein  - So you and your fellow delegates will all be learning at once all day.  These are available to purchase on the day if you feel you would like to continue what we have taught you.  Skills is all about practice.  You can even follow our live webinars later if you have forgotten something or send us some film and we can analyse it for you!  

The Structured Learning Programme has been adopted by over 40 NHS trusts and the whole of South Central SHA is a well recognized competency framework throughout the NHS. It was recently presented at NESC conference by Sarah Phillips who have adopted the booklet to help them improve practice in this field and encourage competency achievement. All learners who complete the booklet have their learning documented clearly including theory to practice. This method meets all the professional bodies' competency requirements. It also is learner focussed and considers organisational process. Most importantly it ensures the patient is safe from learning to competent and better still encourages a higher level of practice following competency achievement.


All our courses provide these booklets free of charge.  SEE the booklet here with Mary Collins talking you through how it is used and what it achieves.


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Managing Director, RN, Paramedic Training Co., Summer 2016

I just wanted to thank you and especially Paulette for an excellent course yesterday in Nottingham. I must say Paulette was a very skilled, experienced and professional trainer with a soft but firm manner. She expertly guided the conversation to learning points that related to the different work streams of the group, using her experience in the clinical field to support the students in their individual learning goals. A big thank you for a professional day.


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