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80% of our customers arrive via word of mouth! 

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People love what we do and tell us off for not advertising more.  Read here what people has said over the last decade about our training.


Whole Organisation Contract  18 Month Project at Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust 

Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust - 160 Nurses over 2 full days of training in Venepuncture and Cannulation achieving over 98% satisfaction.  A brilliant day full of energy and practical skills.  We are delighted with the reviews on this first day at St Thomas'. The team worked really hard and their enthusiasm to share their learning was fantastic.  The management team leading the day did a fantastic job in the first time at this venue.

We are delighted that Paulette Bason has joined us with over 36 years of experience!! 18 years in training and loves what she does!!!!


 King's College Medical School Students - 6th October 2015, Guy's Hospital - 180 Students

See here what they thought of the day in our video from some of the best future doctors in the world!  "Great to give confidence in a simulated environment"











2013- 2017  VeinTrain National Courses

I attended your course at the Royal College of Surgeons a couple of months ago.  I would be delighted if you would come into our clinic and train my colleagues - 2016 Royal College of Surgeons



Managing Director, RN, Paramedic Training Company Human Touch Health Group March 2016 in Nottingham HQ

I just wanted to thank you and especially Paulette for an excellent course yesterday in Nottingham.

I must say Paulette was a very skilled, experienced and professional trainer with a soft but firm manner. She expertly guided the conversation to learning points that related to the different work streams of the group, using her experience in the clinical field to support the students in their individual learning goals.

A big thank you for a professional day.  


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Paulette's Feedback

11th March 2015, Manchester IV Therapy

"Paulette was very patient with everyone, really enjoyed the course!"  

"I would highly recommend Vein Train to my Colleauges.  The Training is excellent."

"Interesting and learned new ways of calucluting."

Royal College of Surgeons, 22nd April 2015, Venepuncture and Cannulation  (22 Delegates, 3 trainers for high level supervision)

"Keep up the good work.  Friendly astmospher for learning, Paolo is very helpful and to an excellent standard.  Very hands on!"

"More advertisement!!!  A lot of nurses are not aware of Vein Train."  (thank you we are trying, please tell your friends/colleagues how to find us)

Royal College of Surgeons, 22nd April 2015,

"Trainer is very knowledgable and experienced.  Learnt a lot in one day compared to many years ive been in practice!!!!! "


Intravenous Therapy Course

"Sherwin's experience, breadth of knowledge, enthusiasm and professionalism are rare - he is an excellent teacher and it is a pleasure attending one of his sessions"
Nurse, June, 2013

"Collectively the whole course was really well run and very relevant.  Would certainly recommend this course"  Radiographer, May 2013

"I have learnt my mistakes my mistakes and other staff mistakes in IV administration.  This training has built my confidence and improved my skills in IV Administration"
Nurse, January 2013

"It has been a wonderful day, lots of inofrmation and practical demonstration, well worth the money!"
Nurse, May 2013

 "Fantastic trainer! Really great to ahve a course delivered by someone who throughly knows their subject, can deliver it well and can answer all the questions thoroughly"
Nurse, January 2013

"The best training I have ever attended. Sherwin was amazing!" 
Nurse, February 2011

"This is probably the best study day for cpd that I have ever attended. Sherwin is absolutely passionate about his craft and teaching. I look forward to more courses and will recommend you to all my colleagues"
Nurse, February 2011

Venepuncture and Cannulation Course

"Great course with planning of opportunity to practice skills in a safe and encouraging environment.  Great session on A&P and  site selection. " Occupational Health Nurse, March 2014

" Very useful enjoyable day.  Learnt a lot and felt confident to practice."
MRI/CT Radiographer, March 2014

"The course was worthwhile thank you. I have confidence that will now rebuild my skills again" 
OPD Nurse, July 2013

"The training course and contents are perfet, up to date and met my expectation"
Health Care Assistant, August 2013

"Excellent day, clear applicalble to most situations in the real world.  Thank you!!!"
Medic, August 2013

"Overall, excellent!! - Will promote to others"
GP Practice Nurse, May 2013

"It has been a wonderful experience!!  I am aware of how to got on to improve my skills to achieve competency"
Nurse, June  2013

"Everything was excellent. Paula and her team were super"
Nurse, February 2011

“Excellent – I had enough time to practice and did not feel rushed – my favorite part of the day.  Thank you Sally for a very interesting and informative day.”
Medic, April 2014

“Excellent, lots of knowledge gained”  
Nurse, April 2014

“Training was great!!!  I will come back for my IV training"

March 2014

“Refreshed my skills, learnt new ideas and techniques”
March 2014

“Excellent training and very enjoyable.  Relaxed atmosphere with just the right amount of candidates to allow ample opportunity for practice”  March 2014

“I really loved learning a new technique of cannulation”
March 2014

“It was very well held and made me feel at ease, I liked the fact we were in a really small group so you felt comfortable asking questions and trying a couple of times – very helpful.”


VeinTrain Contract Training - Onsite

NHS Direct - Onsite Training for 200 Nurses on Three skills sets from April 2013-Jul 2013.   "Best training ever attended!"

"Just to say thank you for the service that you have provided for NHS Direct. It has been well received by all that have attended, and although we have limited responses to our request for feedback, those we have received have been great and some of the participants have verbally told me that ‘this is the best training I have ever attended!" 
Coral Peczek, Learning and Development Lead, NHS Direct

"I could tell you had worked at a high calibre NHS Trust as the proposal was the best I had seen, so I put it on the  procurement portal.  We think it is best you spend time sharing your work rather than bidding for it"
Virginia Desalou, Director of Procurement, NHS Direct

We at Vein Train thoroughly enjoyed the training and learing all about Webinars,  which we thought were fantastic, although NHS Direct have been using them for years they were new to us!  The organisation was a pleasure to work with, despite going though significant turbulance due to redundances and service redisgn for the new 111 service.  The cliniicians, managers and directors were always professional efficient and focussed.  Thank you Virginia! lets hope the NHS is using the portal as we prefer to spend our time training too.

We have listened to you:

"The instructions on reaching the venue were not clear and there must be a point of contact in case it is not easy to locate the venue."  

Vein Train:   Our admin staff begin work at 0800 so they can be contacted.  The venue details have always been on all communications but we make them bolder now.  Our website has contact details on.

"Discount could be offered to group bookings"

Vein Train: We offer discount packages to corporate clients and staff recevie them from organisations who book over 10 places in one year.  This is a loyalty offered transferred the the staff.  PJ Locums are offered this discounts.  Please call and ask for details.

"It would be appropriate if the fees were lower to encourage more nurses to train as this skill is highly important in the wards"  

Vein Train: Absolutely.  Please see our new blended learning via Webinars!!!  These can be done in modules and allow you to reduce travel costs and attend both training session on one day while doing all the theory on LIVE webinars.  They are also slightly cheaper.  We have always remained competitive but to ensure high quality we need lots of support with high staff to learner ratios during practical sessions. We had a price freeze since October 2011 and have only just increased the prices from June 2014. We continue to look at pricing so we can share our knowledge and skill with as many people in as many different ways as possible.