How do I book a place?

Please book online via the courses tab on the homepage choosing either “course bookings venepuncture and cannulation” or “course bookings IV Therapy”. On the dates page click “book now” next to your chosen date and fill in the booking form.

Booking price: Standard- Venepuncture and cannulation theory and practice on simulation equipment £169 (inc VAT), Intravenous drug administration £149 (inc VAT), Venepuncture only/Cannulation only- Venepuncture and Cannulation theory, practice ONE SKILL only on simulation equipment. £159 (inc VAT)

Section 1: Attendee- Please fill in the details of the person attending the course (If booking more than one place please enter the first applicants details)

Section 2: Billing- Please fill in the details of the relevant billing contact for organisations, for individuals please fill in your own details.

Section 3: Attendees- Please fill in the first attendee details again as well as any additional attendees you wish to book

(don’t forget to change the number of attendees at the top of the booking form to match the number of places you wish to book).

Please make sure to include a valid email address as all of your course details and documentation will be sent by email prior to the day. We suggest including your mobile telephone number to receive important course details by SMS as well. Your certificate will be printed based on the details entered in the attendee section so please make sure to enter your full name as you wish it to appear on your certificate. Once you are happy your details are correct click the submit button at the bottom of the page. You will have an opportunity to check your details again before ticking to agree to the terms and conditions and booking your place.

Click “pay now with PayPal”: Please note you can check-out here with a credit/debit card, a PayPal account is not required.

If you are an organisation and wish to make payment by BACS please close the payment page after booking and an invoice will be sent to the billing contacts email address.

What happens once my place is booked?

Once your place is booked you will receive an email confirming your course place, this will have an invoice attached, if you have made payment already please keep this as a receipt and quote your invoice number as reference. You will receive further information by email 7-10 days before the course confirming venue, times, additional information and containing a course programme for the day. We confirm our venues at this time as we book our venues dependant on numbers, this allows us to run courses even if they are not at full capacity, where otherwise we may have had to postpone the date. You can view our most frequently used venues from the tab on the homepage but please wait for the email 10 days before the course to confirm this as the venue for your booked date.


We recommend when booking as an individual that you make payment when booking your course place. After submitting your booking click “pay with PayPal button”, you can checkout with a credit/debit card here, you don’t need to have a PayPal account to make payment through PayPal. We cannot guarantee a reserved place for any unpaid bookings. Once a course is full any bookings left unpaid will be automatically cancelled and you will receive a cancellation email inviting you to re-book for a different date.

Organisations are invoiced on 30 day terms from the date of the invoice so in this instance delegates may attend without payment being received if the course date is prior to the invoice due date.

You can telephone 0845 213 0266 to make a secure credit/debit card payment- All major cards accepted (not American Express)

Please see your invoice for BACS payment details

Cancellations and changing course dates

Should you need to cancel your course place please contact us at least 28 days before the course date. We run our courses and confirm our venues depending upon our booked delegate numbers so cannot provide a refund for any course place cancellations received after this time. We are happy to accept a replacement delegate should you find you have booked and are now unable to attend you must inform us on the new delegates details (name, email address, contact telephone number and job title) as soon as you possibly can.

If you have booked for a course date that is no longer convenient you are welcome to contact us to see if you can arrange a change of course date, this is charged at £20 to cover the admin costs. VeinTrain will try to be as flexible as possible but we do base our courses on booked delegate numbers so we cannot offer you a change of date especially if your change of date request is received with less than 28 days until the course. If you do choose to change your course date anyway this will be charged at half of the original course price.  We recommend you use cancellation insurance.

Vein Train Cancellations

We will always try and run the courses as advertised as we know how disappointing a cancelled or postponed course can be, unfortunately sometimes due to circumstances beyond our control cancellations are unavoidable. Should we have to cancel or postpone a course date we will contact you by telephone in the first instance, this will be followed by email and SMS message. You will have the option of requesting a full refund or choosing a new course date for your booking to be moved to, we can then credit your original payment to your new booking.

Group bookings

Please contact us if you wish to discuss a booking for 6 or more delegates either at one of our Nationwide venues or on-site in a training room provided by yourselves.

Do I need to do anything else or bring anything with me?

Everything you need to attend your course will be provided on the day.  We advise you to bring any special equipment and requirements due to allergies.  Please notifiy us of any allergies before attending. Our arms all have latex in we have some veins latex free.

You should bring a notebook and pen to jot your own notes for later reference and lunch is not provided* we try to book our venues close to the city centre, local amenities and transport links but your welcome to bring your own lunch with you, tea and coffee is provided for morning tea break and iced water is available all day.

Intravenous Therapy - Attached to your further information email 10 days before the course there will be a welcome letter, this will give you several pages of the manual (which will also be attached to the email) to read and some drug calculation practice exercises to complete in preparation for the drug calculation test paper on the day. 

I am waiting for an item to be posted to me, how long will this take?

If you have requested further information be posted out to you please allow up to 14 days for receipt.

Any certificate requests due to booking a last minute course place will be posted to you free of charge, a replacement certificate is charged at £2.00. Please allow up to 28 days for delivery of certificates.

Booklet orders will be dispatched within 21 days.

Who will Teach and Train you?

Your day will be led by a clinician with expertise in this field of practice. Our lead ‘Vein Trainers’ include Sarah Phillips  DipN, BA, MA who is the company MD, an author and leads on national competency project for Venepuncture and Cannulation.  She has also co-written and has edited the only venepuncture and cannulation book available in the UK. (Phillips et al (2011) Essential Skills for Nurses – Venepuncture and Cannulation, Blackwell- Wiley. Oxford) Sarah gained much of her expertise and drive to find the best way for learners to acquire these skills on the job.  During a 2 year project Sarah and her team trained the whole of the nursing staff at an acute London trust, the competency achievement level went from 40% before the project to 98% afterwards.

Another one of our Trainers has 39 years experience and an MA in Education. This is typical of the calibre of professional we try to give you access to for your day.  Their experience and education all assure they can answer most questions and when they can't they are pleased to be curious about something to find a solution to,which will be brought back to you at some point!  

Additional trainers who support the lead trainers were selected because of their experience and qualifications.  These include, for example; a Doctor who was previously a phlebotomist prior to taking her PLAB 2 exams, a specialist nurse and senior phlebotomists.

Sarah Phillips runs the company and often leads on Nottinghamshire, Northern and London based courses.  She often attends other Vein Trainer’s courses to deliver sessions or provide hands on supervision to delegates or bespoke training and consultancy.  Sherwin leads Birmingham and Manchester courses and west and south central locations.

How do we manage your learning?

Practice, Practice Practice – but first knowledge and sharing of our expertise so you can feel confident your practice is evidence based and informed by experience.  We build your learning up slowly throughout the day so that it all comes together by the afternoon workshops.  Then you continue to practice on different workstations until you are completely comfortable.  You leave the day eager to gain competency on patients or show off your new techniques if refreshing/updating your skills.How does the day run?

How does the day run?

You will be introduced to the day with core theory until we get your grey matter working.  Then once you are warmed up we launch you straight into practice.    We adopt problem based learning with hands on learning wherever possible and as soon as possible.  We use slides to cover essential theory because the images and structure help you learn about anatomy and Physiology, Professional Practice and Complications.

Early on you will examine each others veins and learn the best techniques for finding and accessing veins, already applying theory to practice.  A little more theory is quickly followed by using your own Vein Train Veins to master the equipment.  We teach you all sorts of techniques and skill in this section so that once you get to the arm you only have to think about the patient and venous access and pulling it all together.
We want all Vein Trainees to offer excellent care to their patients so we provide as high a ratio of Trainer: Learner as possible for the practical sessions.  We achieve this by breaking the larger theory group into smaller workshops for the practical sessions throughout the day.  This results in you having a higher than standard supervision of 1:8 Maximum (industry standard is 1:12) for practical supervision.  We often break groups down further so there are just 4-6 of you for your first (usually the trickiest) attempt on the simulation equipment.   We find that by using this method we can give you lots of practice based learning using a coaching approach whereby we focus on identifying your strengths and minimising your weaknesses.   You also learn a lot from others techniques as we explain why veins are well accessed, missed, transfixed, damaged or could create problems on patients with specialised needs. 

What Equipment will I use?

We train you on the best available simulation equipment.  This has lifelike skin feel, veins that give you a realistic pop as you enter and a visual flashback is seen on successful vein entry.  The equipment we use includes Arms, hands, skin and veins and Vein Train Veins.  There is nothing like the real experience of accessing veins with patients in the clinical area but we do our best to bring that experience to the training day.  The lifelike equipment helps as much as is possible but the trainers experience is crucial as they explain how each variant can lead to successful or unsuccessful venous access in the real situation.  In effect the equipment helps us as trainers see how you use the equipment and approach the skill with the patient so that we can coach you either by encouraging what you do well or guiding you toward a more successful route.   You will leave the day with lots of confidence an awareness of where you skill level is at and keen to gain supervision with patients.

Will I be Given a Certificate of Competence on the day?

No.  A certificate of Attendance is provided not a certificate of competence.  This is because there is no national certification for these skills.  Equally it is not possible to demonstrate competency on simulation equipment.  We believe competency should be achieved over time through a series of assessments including theory and cannot be demonstrated on one day.  We therefore provide you with a Vascular Access Network Structured Learning Programme to attain and demonstrate competency.

If you are refreshing or transferring your skills from another country you may only need to fill out a small part of this booklet and get sign off in a clinical area quite swiftly and easily.  If you are a novice this document will lead you toward competent practice and will document your progression to competent or even expert practice.  In this way your competence is clearly demonstrated and allows you to use the tool as a revision or refresher tool in the future.  At Vein Train we believe the NMC offers excellent guidance by describing how to identify competent practice. It is more than a certificate; It is: "A bringing together of general attributes - knowledge, skills and attitudes. Skill without knowledge, understanding and the appropriate attitude does not equate with competent practice." NMC, 2008 guidance for delegation.

Accreditation Certification & Replacement certificates/Booklets

Accredition is expected to be achieved by April 2017 upon which point all back-orders will be prioritised for immediate dispatch to you.  Your certificate will show your CPD hours from VeinTrain and your OCN points for your academic achievement.  The accrediting body charge us for certifcation and audit, which is included in your accreditation certificate fee.  We know many of our delegates do not request accreditation so we do not charge all, just the ones who request it.

If you have lost your certificate or booklet please order your replacements from the website.  All certificates  and accrediation certifcates can be booked online we need your details to match it to you. Please note: A fully printed certificate will be hand signed by your trainer on the day. If you book for a course date less than a week away you will be given a certificate with your name hand-written on it. If you want to order a replacement certificate with your name printed on it, this can be done from the website. 

How Do I gain Competency?

Vein Train does not offer placements in clinical areas.   As a result of no national accreditation or standards for training of these skills it is up to each organisation to determine what type of training they expect clinicians to have achieved.   We have moved towards gaining OCN accreditation for those who require an accrediting body to help them gain work.  Howver we are confident in our brand and the founding history that when asking to apply your skill to gain supervision you will have more success than a non recoqnised course.
We therefore advise you to check with your work place or a clinical placement prior to booking a Vein Train course.  We provide you with the assessment booklet as well as high quality training to work with this current situation.   The booklet is widely in use in the NHS with 70,000 (2017) currently in circulation and adopted for use with the whole of South Central SHA, and Southampton Medical School.  Additionally Vein Train is owned by one of the authors who has also co-written the only venepuncture and cannulation book in the UK.  This will assist in you demonstrating you have been on a high quality training course.  All good managers should request this type of information before allowing you to practice on patients.  The key thing here is that you gain competence, courses which offer this on one day should be scrutinized heavily to avoid re-training.  Correct technique is essential, supervision using the booklet over time is a much better way of achieving competency than a one day course.

Please note:The nationally adopted competency booklet is included when booking a Venepuncture and cannulation course and an IV Manual and supervision tool is also provided.

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