Vein Train Vein

VeinTrain Vein for every User

The VeinTrain Vein is designed to offer a simple solution for all learners around the world.  Small, compact and ideal for individuals mastering precision with needles and the kit into veins.

We're delighted to offer you this tool, we've been using it as part of our courses for the last 9 years.  A simple yet effective tool which allows learners to follow a trainer in groups of up to 300 at once!!! A whole classroom, hospital and workforce can be given one of these. A clinician can perfect their technique in their own time, a trainer can teach a whole class all at once, and an organisation can improve a whole organisation's skill.  Learners can practice their technique wherever they are in the world and scan the QR code to join us online for training.  Choosing either a simple flatpack for every delegate accross whole organisation Rapid Competency VT Vein  or for the Trainer we have Professional VT Vein,  or a technqiue perfector the Specialist VT Vein.  

Veins Suitable for Needs

We all know that continued practice is key to achieving the perfect technique and improved procedures for patients, but there’s not always the time to complete courses or attending extra training.  This tool is ideal for stock changes of new cannula design to help clincians adapt technique before approaching the patient.  Every clinicians should have a VeinTrain Rapid Competency and every ward a cleanable Professional VeinTrain Vein while trainers like our VeinTrain Specialist for lightweight, durable and transportable.

Large Group Teaching of New Product Launch

The Rapid Competency VeinTrain Vein is the lowest cost model designed with the  large group or organisation in mind.  Ideal for cannula manufactorers introducing new product to whole trusts. Currently only available in orders of 500 we expect to sell this in units of 12 for under £10 per unit.  This vein arrives flat packed in a printed cardboard design and is ideal for large training sessions or organsiation updates, we can also bespoke build it so it brand attaches to your organisation, directing learners to your latest policies or for manufacturers to direct toward new product order codes or technique reminders which will help during product transition.   These VT Veins are intended for short term use instructions and even have a space to store your VeinTrain Dongle (video instructions) and equipment.  It reminds us of lego!!!  When you have this set you are off and ready to go, as a trainer you can give this to hundreds of learners and have 300 following you at once.  We know we have done it!  


Once you've got your new VeinTrain Vein come and practice your technique by accessing one of our new webinars, use them with your supervisors or sign up for a VeinTrain course.Use it with your competency booklet to refresh your skills or join us on a live webinar.  Your assessor can assess you  and mark simulation on the document.  This is ideal for moving trusts when you want to go through the processes, equipment and policies. Equally if you are looking at performance review - grab a VeinTrain Vein and booklet and do an OSCE - Objective Structured Clinical Assessment.     

See some live performance analysis here at the Royal College of Surgeons, February 2016




Prices from £4.95 to £35 depending on model and volumes