About Webinars

VeinTrain LIVE Training at Your Own Desk/Ward/Sofa

Here we outline the benefits of virtual LIVE training built with the busy clinician in mind or those colleagues across the globe who want to benefit from the VeinTrain Methods, experience and all things vein.

We can evern do some practical training! See here how you can join us LIVE here for a practical session using your own VeinTrain Vein (despatched prior to webinar)


F - Flexible - You choose what you learn and how 

I - Interactive - We find more people putting up your virual hand than in a real large class

R - Reliable - Top level speakers can always fit in their webinar session, anywhere in the world

E - Engaging - Different media is integrated and LIVE means the students change the content

S - Stimulating - Live and interactive, this is NOT e-learning! You forget you are not in a classroom at times

T - Travel-Free - The best bit!

O - Organised - The sessions are heavily structured and scheduling  

R - Replayable  - You can listen again later

M - Multi-Access -Devices and team members 

How can Webinar deliver VeinTraining, which is so practical based

  • Live training - Engage with our experts direct to your home/office/ward/car (audio)
  • Our biggest challening is accessing busy clinicans all at once - You choose your date and time from many available
  • Choose the sessions you need to update on rather than a full day
  • Group sessions available, we can teach your team all at once if they are national this works really well for regular updates and standardisation
  • Certificated per module (OCN accrediation pending)
  • Atttend only the practical workshop  - 1/2 day attendance
  • We can assess your technique online each with a camera with our Consultancy 1:1 practical session - Give yourself a skills MOT!
  • Lab access possible after attending this or a VeinTrain course

Who is this going to help most?  

  • Busy professionals
  • Lots of supervision/expertise locally but no theory or formal trainer
  • Visual with some LIVE guidance for technique checking - our camera meets your camera on the VeinTrain Vein
  • Updating knowledge and skill
  • Perfecting your technique
  • Troubleshooting Technique Tips and bespoke to your individual psychomotor talents
  • Practice/policy updates
  • Specialists training for expert speakers
  • Bite sized - Modular Access
  • Long term pratised but never formally taught
  • Frequent failed attempts and not sure why - Objective feedback and coaching as well as correct intial coaching

Our Programmes which are currently available on Webinar route:  

venepuncture Cannulation
Central Venous Access devices
 (INC midlines)
Intravenous Therapy.

We are delighted to share VeinTrain using this method for people we could otherwise not reach and keep everyone up to date and offering precision based medicine.  

What will it include:

  • Full- training programme that you can access from your own desk at a time and place to suit you.
  • Webinars are built to create a live interactive feel to anyone in the world - it is what they do!  You can access via a mobile device or computer.
  • All of our webinars are led by clinical experts, giving you access to the best teaching available and because they are interactive you can ask or type direct questions as well. 
  • Webinars deliver professional training in short and punchy 30-45 minutes sessions. 
  • Webinars are packed with information and include questions, polls and downloadable materials set to test and strengthen your knowledge and understanding.
  • The time pressure on clinicians is something we understand which is why VeinTrain webinars are repeated over a range of times including    evenings and weekends, so you can always find a session to suit you, even before a night shift.
  • Webinar training can be combined with half day practical labs to achieve full VeinTrain certification. 
  • Webinars are the ideal solution for quickly updating or refreshing your knowledge at your convenience.
  • Webinars are affordable and start from £15 per session with discounted bundles available from £50


Central Venous Access Devices Webinar - NEW!!!

How will this training be provided?

Our trainers come to you!!  Attend a webinar – an online LIVE 45 minute training session at your desk! Perfect for those who want to boost their knowledge and understanding or update themselves and be confident they are delivering best clinical practice. 

Vein Trainers at YOUR DESK

 1030hrs (GMT) OR  1300hrs (GMT)  


The Webinar is 45 minutes long covers central venous access and midline devices for both short and long-term treatment.   There are a series of dates to choose from on the website and other courses.

In just 45 minutes you will have covered central venous access and midline devices for both short and long-term treatment.   You can ask questions and it really feels like the trainer is with you!  These are LIVE sessions you join from anywhere in the world.  There is also an optional practice lab for clinicians to book on if they will be actively administering. 



How to join a webinar


A few clicks is all it takes - we email you when your session is due to start!

To attend a webinar you need to book a place which you can do by calling us on 0845 213 0266 or by clicking on these links:

Venepuncture Cannulation
Central Venous Access devices (INC midlines)
Intravenous Therapy




0845 213 0266 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


It works

 We used this method with NHS Direct to successfully train 200 nurses in 3 skills sets in just 8 weeks.  The success of this was because the webinars were so flexible while it felt like you were in the same room!  The nurses could then do Venepuncture and Cannulation and Intravenous Therapy Practice labs on one day! We are delighted to offer this to individuals booking as we think you will enjoy it and the ease of access of webinars generally for updating your knowledge.

I could tell you had worked in Management at a high calibre NHS Trust as the proposal was the best I had seen, so I put it on the procurement portal.  We think it is best you spend time sharing your work rather than bidding for it!"

Virgina Desalou, Director of Procurement, NHS Direct

"Best training ever attended!"......"The nurses came and found me to tell me!"
Coral Peczek, Learning and Development Lead, NHS Direct



    • Train the Trainer
    • • Anatomy and Physiology - Venepuncture and Cannulation
    • • Anatomy and Phsiology - Intravenous Drug Therapy
    • • Complications of Intravenous Therapy
    • • Complications of Venepuncture and Cannulation
    • • Anatomy and Physiology - Intravenous Therapy
    • • Accountability and Professional Practice - Generic

 You can complete your theory online in our live webinars at a time that suits you,  then come to our practice labs accross the country and complete 3 or 4 skill sets in one day!!!  Accrediation for academic content in 2017 which can be backdate for a certification fee for all attended.