Practice Lab- Supervision Workshop


This course is aimed at learners who know the theory from a recent VeinTrain course (2 Years) or are currenlty practising the skills but experiencing problems or would like their technique reviewed.  We are constantly appraoched by learners who have all the theory and practice but have never been formally taught the technique.  We can now invite them to join in our supervision workshops on the simulation arms.

Aimed at the  learners who need a skills MOT, after doing the skills for years, previous VeinTrained delegates or learners who are requried to perform these skills for an exam or their patients but would like to be sure of their technique.

This workshop is a practical based half day for you to access our simulation equipment and expert supervisors who can offer coaching and technique advice.  

  • Medical Students - OSCE Preparation
  • Dental Nurses
  • GPs
  • Community Nurses
  • Student Nurses - Assessment Preparation
  • Trainers and supervisors to get a simulation assessment from an expert

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