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Preparation and Administration of Intravenous Medications


Duration: 1 DAY  | Price: £149.00 |  Time: 0900-1700  | Location: National

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  • Nottingham IV - 27th November 2018, Nottingham 28th November Venepuncture and Cannulation - Prism, Unit8, Sneinton Market NG1 1DT
  • London IV Therapy - 17th December 2018 and  Venepuncture and Cannulation -  19th December 2018  
  • Next dates 22nd and 23rd January LONDON, 16-17 January 2019 Nottingham, Birmingham 28th January 2019



This one day Intravenous Therapy (IV) Training covers the fundamental theoretical and practical aspects of IV therapy and focuses on the preparation and administration of intravenous medications using Aseptic Technique. Theory is grounded in practice throughout the day so attendees leave feeling confident in their knowledge and are able to apply their learning to clinical practice. The day includes a practical workshop to set up a bolus infusion using best practice techniques.


Course Content:

Legal and Professional Aspects

Practical Workshop - Preparation and administration of a bolus intravenous injection

Calculation workshop (Made EASY!) followed by calculation challenge

Aseptic non-touch technique and infection control

Complications of intravenous therapy: ie: Phlebitis, management of Anaphylaxis, extravasation

Pharmacology: Intravenous Drug Administration Displacement Values, Methods of Delivery, Stability of Drugs. Intravenous Therapy types of fluids 

Safe use of Medical Devices in IV Therapy - What you should know before your press start