Our Unique Approach

VeinTrain is in Tune with High Quality:Good Value Healthcare 

VeinTrain is all about offer the best quality training for the right price to the right person in the best way for success.  All healthcare requires suppliers to be focused on sustainable futures including cost consideration, even in the UAE, where there is huge growth in this sector the future and sustainable cost models are at the forefront of any developments.  VeinTrain only offers high quality and standardised training this is our basic standard - Quality for all.    


Our Problem

When problems happen they can be severe as below.  Failure rates of cannulas are high and stories are common of  patients being exposed to over 30 Cannulas in a weekend.  These are commonly performed skills which means that practice can happen on the patient rather than on simulation and structured assessment.  We have assessment frameworks that are widely adopted in the UK to go a long way to preventing injuries.   We estimate that with 70000 users of our national programme improved outcomes are exceeding 14.5million per year!  Our VeinTrain Vein low cost model means everyone can use a simulation device to master the control of the equipment.  

Organisation considerations:  

  • "Intravenous cannula insertion will be carried out by trained and competent staff using strictly aseptic techniques" (DH, 2003).
  • 30-50% Failure Rate on Cannula
  • Hidden and high incidence of infection
  • £18,000 per infection, HAIs in UK last 3-10 days - £4,000 to £10000

    *Rickard et al 2012, Webster et al 2008, Bausone-Gazda et al2010, Martinez et al 2009  **Stuart et al 2013

Patient Considerations:

  • "Having a needle" was ranked as 6th most distressing during chemotherapy treatment. Coates et al (1983)
  • Repeated 1996 (Griffin, 1996) - Top 5 of side effects by women.
  • 17 Year research to practice gap!! We will give you the research in your programme




Our Solutions - Decades of Experience

We were delighted that in 2011 Professor Lord Darzi OM PC, KBE, FMedSci, HonFREng wrote the forward in the book that Sarah Phillips, VeinTrain MD co-edited and authored the chapter on Education and Training.  Professor the Lord Darzi,  is a professional who has spent his life focused on quality leadership including a review and Government guidance while pioneering clinical developments such as key hole surgery.  He now works globally, continuing to focus on quality in a practical and real way.  He took time to review our work and commented positively in the forward which was good for the authors four years work, but also, more importantly a surgeon who has so much to do yet gives valuable time for these skills demonstrates how important it is to get these most commonly performed skilled correctly by the best person to do them.  

"NHS Staff make the difference where it matters most and we have an obligation to patients and the public to enable them to make the best use of their talents." (Darzi 2008a, p10)  

His recommendations include

  • Flexible - provision of education and training must be sufficiently flexible to give professional both the breadth and depth of expertise that they need to deliver high quality care to which they aspire
  • Focused on quality - high quality care requires the provision of high quality education and training.
  • Promoting life-long learning: Staff in all roles and settings need opportunities to continuously update the skills and techniques that are relevant to delivering high quality care through, for example, work-based learning. Darzi (2008b, p12)    Darzi, A.W. (2008a) High Quality Care For All: NHS Next Stage Review Final Report. DH, London  Darzi, A.W. (2008b) A High Quality Workforce.  NHS Next Stage Review. DH, London


Pictured here a happy patient at home with their cannula.  

VeinTrain Background

VeinTrain was founded in 2007 and is still led by Sarah Phillips MD who has extensive healthcare experience including abroad.  VeinTrain was built and developed to offer high quality, good value training, education, and standardisation to the healthcare market.  Sarah Phillips MD, an author and leader in this field also has an MA in Systems- Psychodynamics of Organisation and had worked at corporate level in Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust after an emergency nursing clinical career. Leading a  training project at Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust that raised the competency rate from 40% to 98% for these skills. She also set up and led the clincial skills lab and OSCE program for Imperial College Medical School.   Sarah even taught the CEO of the NHS how to put a cannula in.  These days she would have made him roll his sleeves up and take his watch off!!  He said Sarah gave him great confidence - and he seemed to enjoy seeing how the clinicians learn.   Understanding how to get clinicans to competent levels is as important as understanding all levels of the healthcare which has been key for VeinTrains growth as we took on larger contracts with high profile, high quality Trusts like Guy's and St Thomas' and NHS Direct. VeinTrain is about your whole system and your part in that in terms of the skills sets you offer, including these ones VeinTrain is passionate about improving.  It is and will continue to be essential to understand the current needs of the healthcare market for the organisation (NHS or otherwise, large or small, high quality or aspiring) to offer the best to the learner. 


Why Choose VeinTrain Brand

Quality organisations choose us for their whole organisation training. We also offer individual access for organisations who want to sigh post staff to us offering discounts to the organsation over time.  Some of our clients have been with us for 10 years!  

There is little choice, this is all we do and we do it well.  All our Vein Trainers are talented at what they do and their enthusiasm is contagious!  VeinTrain is a team centred business,  utilising decades of experience, evidence-based practice and analysis to deliver what works best for learners.  We make learning easy, enjoyable and effective.  If you want to ensure you have the highest level of training and expertise then VeinTrain is your choice, like the first class organisation who choose us.  80% of our business is word of mouth!! See here our trainer of 38 years coaching on the arm.   

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Some Feedback from our Guy's and St Thomas's NHS Foundation Trust project - 18 months.  



PJ Locums want to ensure all their Agency staff have quality training.  They use VeinTrain for all their staff, each achieving a competitive rate.  


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