The Naked Vein available in 3 simple low cost models





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Rapid Competency  



We all know that continued practice is key to achieving the perfect technique and improved procedures for patients, but there’s not always the time to complete courses or attending extra training.

We’ve developed our own very simple, VeinTrain Vein - we call it the Naked Vein.  A simple training aid so you can practice your technique wherever you are from a simple flatpack for every delegate accross whole organisation Rapid Competency VT Vein  or for the Trainer we have Professional VT Vein,  or a technqiue perfector  the Specialist VT Vein.

We're delighted to offer you this tool, we've been using it as part of our courses for the last 8 years, it's a really simple and effective allowing learners to follow a trainer in groups of up to 300 at once!!! A whole classroom, hospital and workforce can be given one of these. A clinician can perfect their technique in their own time, a trainer can teach a whole class all at once, and an organisation can improve a whole organisation's skill.   


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See it in action in our new video  




OR here you can see how you can use it with the booklet to refresh your skills.  Your assessor can assess you  and mark simulation on the document.  This is ideal for moving trusts when you want to go throgh the processes, equipment and policies.  Equally if you are looking at performance review - grab a VeinTrain Vein and booklet and do an OSCE - Objective Structured Clinical Assessment.    

Once you've got your new VeinTrain Vein come and practice your technique by accessing one of our new webinars, use them with your supervisors or sign up for a VeinTrain course.

See some live performance analysis here at the Royal College of Surgeons, February 2016

Our favourite so far is the Rapid Competency, currently only available in orders of 1000.  This vein arrives flat packed in a printed cardboard design and is ideal for large training sessions or organsiation updates.  These VT Veins are intended for short term use to get the skills and process learnt they can be printed with orgisations own logos on. They come pre-printed with instructions and have a space to store your VeinTrain Dongle (video instructions) and equipment.  It reminds us of lego!!!  When you have this set you are off and ready to go, as a trainer you can give this to hundreds of learners and have 300 following you at once.  We know we have done it!  

To grab yourself our new training aid call the VeinTrain team on 0845 213 0266. Orders up to 300,000 being accepted.

'Naked Veins' are pure and simple and we have got them to a price to suit all for every learner of these skills to have their own.  Orders over 10000 please call to discuss lead times - expected at 3-6 weeks.  

We can accept orders up to 300,000 units 


 The VeinTrain APP is here!!!!  You can see video footage.  Training tools, technique tricks and tips.  Book courses directly with an option to subscribe for advanced features with specialist training technques.  Corporate contracts will obtain access to subscribed areas as part of the package.  Train the Trainers will also be able to have their own app in their pocket with advanced access information to help the train others.



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What a fantastic tri  p over to the beautiful and vibrant UAE. This is Sarah our MD's 2nd business trip within the year. The first trip she attended the GCC conference where the leaders of the healthcare industry meet in Dubai (see in the picture). Realising that VeinTrain has many solutions to offer Dubai and the wider GCC, Sarah returned with 20 other companies as part of the East Midlands Engine delegation with the Department of International Trade in January 2017. Meeting key decision makers was helped by the the programme of from the Department of International Trade. Sarah presented VeinTrain's proven solutions in the World Trade Centre in Dubai and later met with some of the buyers. Meeting suppliers from the UK supplying was also useful and the trip to Hospitals in Abu Dhabi and the British Embassy opened up much thought for VeinTrain's strategy.
Dubai and Abu Dhabi are clear quality markets but with a strategy that ensures sustainability. This works well with VeinTrain's proven solutions, so Sarah intends to return to the region to find ways to share the best of what we do. We know that there is a research to practice gap reaching up to 17 years!! The speed of Dubai is hopeful in helping us get proven improved quality solutions to patients faster.








Want to see our VeinTrain-ing in action, please watch our new film

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Nottingham Post for their special supplement from UKTI on exporting, read the article here.

Sarah Phillips recognised the problems with these most commonly practised skills of venepuncture and cannulation two decades ago and has driven forward improvements and standardisation since.  A published book, a competency programme, adopted nationally (UK) and recently whole organisations have used VeinTrain solutions (Guy’s and St Thomas’ and King’s College Medical Students).  VeinTrain can now share proven solutions beyond the UK. Offering the VeinTrainer tool and App, large event teaching and accredited programme licenses to ensure standardised quality and sustainability for all.

sarah notts post

“The wide variety of clinicians offering these skills to their patients is welcome and makes the most of the talent in the NHS, while offering patients choice and an efficient service.  However, such diversity risks different types of practices evolving.” 

    Professor The Lord Darzi of Denham OM PC KBE FRS FMEDSCI HONFRENG

       In Phillips Sarah, et al (2011) Venepuncture and Cannulation, Wiley-Blackwells, Oxford. 


Sarah said: “I have always said and wrote in my chapter on education (Phillips et al 2011) that teaching multi-professionals is no different to teaching one clinical group. The method may change slightly to accommodate different backgrounds, but the outcome is the same, better patient experiences. I have always believed UK healthcare can offer world class care and treatment and I have been proud to observe, support and in some cases lead work like the training approach adopted in VeinTrain.

“The response we have had so far to access UK expertise and knowledge is encouraging and the support from UKTI so far has made the world seem a smaller place! Attending an event recently with 60 desk officers from around the world saved us 138,050 air miles and who knows how much time as we travelled between 13 countries in one room! Then we were funded by UKTI to attend MEDICA, the largest medical trade fair in the world which has already opened lots of doors for partnership working for mutual benefit. Exporting is GREAT so far and I believe we do have a lot to share on these most commonly practiced skills. I also believe it will help VeinTrain continue to grow in the UK, which is great for patients here.

“2016 is about looking at one world but not losing our strong foundation in the UK and Nottingham. Our independent access courses have always secured our overheads which keeps the business stable. Also as a resident of Nottingham, I hope to see lots of clinicians coming through our training suite at HQ so when my friends are in hospitals the photo messages they send me are all beautifully placed and cared for vascular access devices.”

See the interview for UKTI with Sarah our MD here "Really it's like the world in one room!":


UKTI Explore Export in the East Midlands 2015 from On The Day Media on Vimeo.


Our App is coming to you soon!!!  Soon you will have all our VeinTrain tips, techniques in your pocket.  Including video footage.  We also plan to offer the service where you send us your videos on our VeinTrain Vein so we can give you tips to maximise your strengths and minimise your weaknesses.   All delegates will receive FREE access to the paid for part of the apps as part of their course.  Contracts and Train the Trainers versions have designated spaces for their own policies and content.   The main thing we like about the app is you become part of VeinTrain, you can even delete it for a while then when you need a refresher, download it again and it will remember you!  Fantastic for revalidation, re-skilling or just interest.  You will also be first to hear any offers we have and any live learning via webinars as we bring our best trainers around the world to you!





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Lisa has for the first time been elected to the board of directors of a leading global body that promotes the safe use of intravenous medical devices.

Lisa has been a supporter of VeinTrain for some time and it is great news that all her hard work has been rewarded with this new role. This is also fantastic news for vascular access. It is anticipated that similar to other global work, this will give UK vascular access a boost.

Sarah Phillips MD has worked with Lisa over the years: “I know that the experience and knowledge I have been privileged to access and share through co-editing our book and 10 year competency booklet will help have a huge impact.

“Seeing a close colleague and friend gain such recognition is also inspiring for me and our clinical specialists and leading nurses trying to improve this area.

“I hope all our VeinTrain followers will join me in supporting Lisa as she continues to make things better for our patients and globally.”

Sarah worked with Lisa on publishing Venupuncture and Cannulation the first publication on venepuncture and cannulation in the United Kingdom.


Replace your VeinTrain Certificate with OCN accrediation for just £30







Exceptional Feedback - 160 Nursing Students 

Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, London

On a large event day in February and March 2015 for this world class hospital.   We can run groups from 8-300. Call us directly for large groups with high value without compromise on quality.

Teaching 160 Nursing Students at Governor's Hall, St Thomas's Hospital was fantastic!! We were delighted with the feedback from the first training day we ran for such high calibre nursing students.

Our unique methods allow large group teaching where everyone has lots and lots of practice with superivsion. We offer Train the Trainer too. Call us to discuss how we do it and how you can teach to large numbers too.  See our VeinTrain Vein Here - the key to lots of practice on the day and for perfecting afterwards!


Train the Trainer Course


We are delighted to bring our Train the Trainer courses that were built for larger contracts to individuals/small group access at London, Royal College of Surgeons and Nottingham.  We have been offering train the trainer bespoke for years now but have built a more structured process. Certification is on attendance of the VeinTrain Train the Trainer Level.  The train the trainer route is designed for all different needs once the foundation has been completed of Day one and Day two other add ons that may be helpful can be added. Once your organisation has Train the Trainers they can apply to be VeinTrain Accredited as Halo organisations - The Saints of Veins. 

Train the Trainer Course is for:

  • Specialists requiring a higher level of expertise
  • Trainers 
  • Supervisors
  • Occasional clinical supervisors
  • Organisations seeking VeinTrain Accredition of Halo status

BOOK HERE  or Call us 0845 2130266