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Sarah Phillips BA, MA, Dip N is VeinTrain Founder Managing Director and Clinical Lead

Sarah trained as a nurse in 1993 in Glasgow.   A clinical background of Emergency Nursing led to seven years in Corporate Nursing at a top London NHS Foundation Trust. Sarah worked for the Director of Nursing and Director of Clinical Studies (Imperial College School of Medicine) as Lead Nurse Multi-professional Practice Education. She developed the Clinical Skills Service for the Trust from 1999-2006 until she left moved to Nottinghamshire.  Sarah founded Vein Train Ltd in 2007 and it continues to grow from strength to strength.  

During her time in London she led and delivered a two year training project for all nurses and healthcare support workers in the trust to perform venepuncture and cannulation for their patients. The project achieved a 98% success rate for competency achievement compared to 40% prior to commencement. Sarah also developed the clinical skills teaching for 200 medical students annually.

Sarah's ethos of training centres upon taking skills from the classroom to the clinical environment. Drawing upon a wide range of experience but specialising in venepuncture and cannulation, she believes learning should be fun, safe and learner led.  Sarah has an MA in Organisation Consultancy - Psychoanalytic Approaches and offers Role and Organisation Consultancy.  She divides her time between venepuncture and cannulation courses, writing for academic publication and consulting to organisations.  

Sarah thinks that learning must be effective but it should also be fun!!

Pictured here: At the launch of the Simulation Centre at Chelsea and Westminster, Vein Train's lead trainer met with Sir Nigel Crisp, CEO of the NHS and taught him to place a cannula


Paulette Basson   -  MA RN. Dip N. BSc. 39 Years direct experience!!!

Paulette joined Vein Train in 2013 with over 39 years experience including IV therapy, cannulation and venepuncture. As a member of the first intravenous specialist nursing team in the West Midlands she was part of a team responsible for the reduction in IV cannula and CVC line related bacteraemia infections for her NHS Trust. 

Paulette has a Master in Education and has been a registered nurse for over 39 years and has worked in a range of healthcare settings, including practice development. Paulette  has considerable experience of teaching, acquired during her employment as an intravenous clinical nurse specialist.  Paulette works solely for VeinTrain and supports junior team members.



Paula Lezama -  RN. Dip N. BSc.

Paula joined VeinTrain in 2008 and has considerable experience of IV therapy, cannulation and venepuncture.

As a member of the first intravenous specialist nursing team in the West Midlands she was part of a team responsible for the reduction in IV cannula and CVC line related bacteraemia infections for her NHS Trust. 

Paula has been a registered nurse for over 19 years and has experience in management, facilitating, training, educational roles and clinical skills roles. Paula is currently the Lead Sister for phlebotomy services, working for a busy West Midland NHS Foundation Trust. Paula has considerable experience of teaching, acquired during her employment as an intravenous clinical nurse specialist, an assistant clinical educator and overseas nurse programme facilitator. She is currently a clinical educator working in one of the top NHS Foundation trust in the West Midlands. Paula’s qualifications include RN. Dip N. BSc




Peter Mclaughlin

Peter has worked in nursing support roles, as Health Care Assistant / Support Worker since 2000 after leaving college in Endoscopy, Gynaecology, Medical and General Surgery Ward, Accident & Emergency unit, HM Prison Service (Senior Phlebotomist / Health Care Assistant - Substance Misuse ), General Surgery / Urology OPD, Staff Bank in ENT OPD, Gynaecology OPD, Operating Theatres, CCU, HDU, Oncology Wards , Care of the Elderly, Acute Assessment Unit.

Pathology: started as a Medical Laboratory Assistant, Bart Health NHS Trust (formerly Bart's and The London NHS Trust) Virology before moving to the Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Trust where I trained as a Adult Phlebotomist and Medical Laboratory Assistant in Haematology / Clinical Biochemistry, 2004. At present working solely with VeinTrain and is one of our core team members making sure HQ processes work smoothly out in the field as well as delivering fantastic coaching and training.





 Pamela Capa 

Pamela (pictured on the right furthest from screen) joined Vein Train in 2009 and has suervised both on the day and offers lead training for Venepuncture and Cannulation.

Diploma of Medical Laboratory Assistant from Italy. Trained as a phlebotomist at Chelsea and Westminster hospital. Re-trained as a Neonatal Phlebotomist in their NNU unit. Currently employed in private hospitals and working for VeinTrain Ltd. 

Pamela offers supportive, direct and clear guidance.  Her coaching style is solid and firm and she draws on her experience to suit delegates individual experience.

 paulo2studentsdirectingff Paolo Capa

Holds a phlebotomist certificate from Charing Cross Hospital and has assisted in training at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, King's College Medical Student VeinTrain day (Guy's Hospital, London), Southbank Nursing Student VeinTrain Day (St Thomas' Hospital)  

Currently a medical photographer using cannulas in Fluorescein angiography and consultant to VeinTrain courses, particualry larger event contracts but also at the National courses at VeinTrain Royal College of Surgeons, London.   

Paolo has a directive and clear coaching style, giving you assurance and confidence in technique.








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Cathryn Watters RN

Cathryn  leads on Intravnous Therapy and Venepuncture and Cannulation.  She leads on our course building for PICCS, Ports and Central Access in the Community.

I am a dedicated and motivated nurse, having worked at a senior level for many years. I have a high level of clinical skills as well as key managerial, teaching, mentorship and corporate.

I have scoped, initiated, developed and managed new services both in the NHS and private sector 
I pride myself in ensuring all services developed are clinically sound and have robust pathways and protocols at their roots so as to ensure they are strong and secure.
My drive is always to ensure the patient is at the centre of any care pathway and all services are developed ensuring high quality patient care, with their needs kept central.
I believe that a strong cohesive team is the only way to ensure success, one that is led by example and ensures those in the team feel able to influence and develop any change required. Communication and transparency is key to ensuring a happy, focused and driven team that will then in turn ensure a strong clinical service.

I have undergone The McQuaig Self - Development Survey which I am happy to share with you to show my Professional Behavioural Profile.



Introducing Andréa, our latest lead trainer. She has worked as a registered nurse primarily in Cardiology for the last fourteen years and in other healthcare settings such as accident and emergency and medical admissions unit.

She has experience in teaching other nurses in her field and using venepuncture and cannulation skills in her various cardiology nurse specialist roles in London. These include working in cardiac imaging, rapid access chest pain clinic, Arrhythmia clinics, pre assessment for nurse-led DC cardioversion service and Ajmaline challenge tests.

Andréa has a MSc in Cardiovascular Health and continues to be forward thinking using current research to improve patient care pathways and enjoys helping healthcare professionals keep updated with their clinical skills.



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Johanna joined VeinTrain this year in 2017. Johanna has been a qualified nurse for over 20 years and worked on medical wards for 8 years. Johanna specialises in Chemotherapy and is currently a chemotherapy nurse at a Nottingham hospital and has previously worked in chemotherapy units in Derby and Stoke-on-Trent over the last 12 years. Johanna is working for VeinTrain as an associate in venepuncture and cannulation and IV Therapy and is also helping to build new course material for central and PICC lines. 


Steven Ince 

Steven joined VeinTrain in 2016 to offer training delivery on courses and compliance support to our organisations seeking halo status and licenced used for their Trainers. He has been a phlebotomy tutor for approximately the last 5 years, prior to this Steven was involved in compliance and clinical governance and has pursued this as he has moved more towards the education side of the skills. His qualifications and skills include an award in education (Ptlls), basic and advanced phlebotomy and cannulation, phlebotomy and cannulation Instructor, first aid Instructor, first aid assessor, automated external defibrillation Instructor, manual & patient handling instructor, business management degree (Currently in process). Steven was the key lead involved in increasing compliance within his organisation from an average of 71% to an average 93%. Steven works for VeinTrain as an associate and leads on venepuncture and cannulation courses as well as reviewing and updating documentation. Some of Steven’s key responsibilities within his other role as head of operations and compliance with Globe Locums currently include writing all internal policies and procedures, writing of internal Mandatory training programme, tender writing and submission, Conduct BLS, Manual Handling Training, Introduce & Maintain Nursing Revalidation, Internal & external auditing, Compliance Management for (Medical Locums, Nurses, AHP & HSS), Internal & External Complaints (Inc. NMC, HCPC & SOR) and facilities management. 










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